a speechless heart.

I experience The Voyage by Engine Room theatre on Friday night in Halifax.

This is a rare piece of work that doesn’t need to be seen by you, will not shout about itself or its making, but is a gift for those who are lucky enough to find it, surrender your agenda to intentionally seek it out. Wherever I hope it ends up next.

“After all - it’s all about the heart”.


Curious, full of grace and authenticity. Or for those of you who like nouns; this is live performance about bravery, the heart, journeys and directions we are lead - that takes you by the hand the whole way. Solo, into the unknown and together immersed in a detailed shared bath of live music, film, dance, song and theatre. 

This show thankfully made me still and speechless. All words - most words - were gently knocked out of me and replaced with this rose. Thanks.

Engine Room is an awesome inclusive theatre company and "force for change" that brings together makers from different artistic disciplines in a collaborative process that embraces and values difference. Whist breaking down barriers, they "engage in a process of vibrant collaborative exchange between artists, performers, audiences and communities to create theatre that communicates on an immediate and human level".                                                     

These are artists and my friends working with members in a rich, challenging and unique creative process that can only take place “clothed with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” Colossians 3.12

The show – though it’s not a “show” but more like a gift is full of those things. 

and it's funny. very funny. 

They won’t shout about themselves. So I will.

And you might actually need to experience it.

You can find out more about Engine Room here.