Sarah is a Performing Artist, Director, Facilitator, Musician & Speaker. 

Making live experiences + creative spaces that connect & play. Sarah strategically designs & delivers immersive, interactive & participatory projects, events & spaces that cross disciplines, fuse industries & break boundaries whilst cultivating community.

Play. With purpose.

Sarah partners with organisations, people, projects, spaces & places as an artist + practitioner making adventures. Her ever evolving practice spans 11 years applying the power of play into business + innovation, education + development, inter connected health, creative function, work spaces, personal + team development, positive disruption + city regeneration/design.

She specialises in devising strategic mechanisms + processes, experiential learning, human performance + development, inclusive artistic practice, cross disciplinary workshops, experiential events + participatory theatre.

Her award winning projects, both national + local collaborations make generative impact towards healthier, inter connected & sustainable thriving cultures across industries. Inside, outside + in between spaces.

Sarah pioneers a creative company nationally + builds community locally. Catalysing, empowering & unlocking change for cultural transformation.


“Sarah is an artistic force. The range, energy and quality of the work she delivered was astonishing. Her joy in directing was palpable.

Exceptional - innovative, challenging and very effective.”

-Jo Glover, Director, Castaway Goole, 2016


Sarah is a multitalented ideas woman - a force of energy with a passion for the transformative power of the arts. A hugely inspiring and engaging collaborator, with boundless creative skill, vision, ambition and belief in people. She works with a high degree of professionalism, dedication and integrity.

- Anna Webb, Director Engine Room CIC


"HERE Casting on Humber epitomised everything that the Hull City of Culture 17 should be. It had soul. It had a point. It was inclusive. It was uplifting. It cared. For that reason it is comfortably one of the best and most memorable events I attended in the UK City of Culture year 2017".

- Craig Lazenby, PR Director Strawberry


A collaboration, take overs + residencies, festivals, pop ups, programmes, workshops, live events, curated spaces, a hi jack, an interactive talk, a party, a design, an adventures or an experience.


  • Royal Shakespeare Company, Goodbody award for Directing / 2010

  • The Sunday Times Playwright Award / 2010

  • Theatre Innovation, NSDF / 2010

  • St Hugh's Foundation for Excellence in the North / 2012

  • REYTA Remarkable Passion for the Arts Finalist Arts Fest / 2017

  • Royal Television Society Award Winner with Slung Low Professional Excellence: Drama & Comedy Production / 2018

“It's time to make new rules. We live in an age of experience. Transformation & sustainable change can be found in the art, new ecology & limitless possibilities unlocked in participatory play. It's time to get good at improvising again for optimal human function - uniquely & collectively. What we unlock in Play is our most valuable weapon and armour for tomorrow, transforming out DNA."

-Sarah Louise Davies


“A contagious confidence - it’s clear Sarah has been doing this for a long time.”

University of Hull 2016


On a mission to bring new life to regenerating cities, work places, leaders, communities + cultures whilst responding to a rapidly changing world, Sarah’s practice helps people, places + projects move into new territory. Her diverse influences, appetite for exploration + on going research, global network + community are valued beyond "the arts world".

Sarah works with a multi disciplinary approach, combining forms, techniques and principles found in the arts, interactive performance, immersive theatre, improvisation, music, & creative processes

Harnessing the power, art & science of "play" and experiential engagement techniques she combines tools for people & places in inventive ways for how we live, innovate, work, play, grow, learn, challenge, think, connect & thrive.

Sarah is Artistic Director + founder of ParkBench, an award winning live arts company & based in but never bound by Hull, UK City of Culture 2017, Yorkshire.