Sarah works holistically, expansively and experientially as a facilitator and practitioner. Specialising in participatory engagement, play, change, development, transformation & innovation.

Missions take her beyond the arts, applying her multi-disciplinary practice for different people, places and purposes where we work, create, live, learn, connect, play and thrive. 


“I was seeing and hearing in a new and ‘closer’ way. A very skilled practitioner.”       

- Stephen Ward, Professor of Education

Sarah designs and delivers tailored workshops, experiential sessions, hosts and facilitates groups, creative & devising processes and participatory spaces, labs, talks and plays games. Making playful interventions with purpose. Crossing creative forms & combining influences as tools for breakthrough, innovation, transformation and cultural health in new ways that are unique to each project, community, organisation, person or place. 

“Sarah is the 'go to' Director when I need an intelligent understanding and a dynamic realisation, underpinning any creative work I am commissioned to do.” 
- Dr Sarah-Jane Dickenson, Dean Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, playwright & researcher.


"Directed by Sarah Louise Davies, Castaway Arts Fest took local, community and wider arts audiences through an inspirational three days of contemporary performance arts programming and events in Goole. 
Magical - and often ground-breaking - the range, energy and quality of work she gathered and brought to our new and small venue was astonishing.”

- Company Director, 2016

She works with individuals, organisations, groups and spaces. From the arts, theatre, drama, body, voice and music to cooperate cultures, social, community and live cultural industries, education to well being. Sometimes drawing on remarkable people and different elements of her creative practice as tools to connect on a deeper level, change, development, vision, transformation, optimum performance, community and breakthrough.

Personally, professionally, creatively and co-corporately. 


"Sarah was the artistic force, the sole Designer - her joy in curating and directing were palpable.”

- Jo Glover, Castaway Arts Fest 2016

Including cultural and creative industries, re-generation, participation and engagement, forwards thinking organisations, groundbreaking social projects, adult learning, young people, learning and physical differences, solo artists and creatives, established and emerging companies, media, pop ups, faith organisations, social enterprises, co - working spaces, business, leaders and operation, public venues, physical and mental health.

“Sarah is a multitalented ideas woman - a force of energy, with a passion for the transformative power of the arts. A hugely inspiring and engaging collaborator, with boundless creative skill, ambition and belief in people. She works with a high degree of professionalism, dedication and integrity”.
- Anna Webb, Artistic Director, Engine Room Theatre


Specialist areas include play, unlocking creativity, devising, physicality and movement, identity, communication, participation, facilitation techniques, interactive theatre, story, experience design, performance, drama, acting, the voice, the body, comedy, live music with theatre and cross disciplinary work.

Some of her wider knowledge and research combines the art, nuero - science, psychology and creative impact of play, the link between the body, mind and creative health for transformation, cultural progress, anthropology and change. 

“I believe in doing things that cultivate, celebrate and invite the best of community, true identity, radical curiosity, unbound imagination, courage, authentic connection and child like discovery. For joy, for transformation and for breakthrough in a culture that easily forgets and society where we sometimes settles for less.”

- Sarah Louise Davies