Hello! We're live.

Hello world,

You’re looking radiant today.

This is my "blog".
Here you will find words. 
I’ve got some things I’m excited to share with you and news to show and tell. 
At some point, I’ll blog.
I promise.

For now.

We're live. 

This is the start of something.
recklessly abandoned.


No poetic metaphor intended. I simply wrote something - which reminded me neither of us needed. So abandoned it. Started this instead.

At the start of a new season - simply - hello.

It’s so good to be here.

I can’t tell you.
But just have. 
I don’t know where to start.
So will.

Here I am.  
We have much to catch up.
There's some exciting things I have to share with you.
and make.

But today - I'm reminded by technical wizards that I need something up in this new space rapidly that isn't Lorem Ipsum when we're live - by my lovely crafty young team who made this site for me.

Sometimes I write. I think. I adventure. I make.
Sometimes those things dance together.
Sometimes they'll need to focus themselves into this informal location.
Thank you for discovering it.
I'm going to enjoy sharing it.  
You're the first to find it. Maybe third.
Claim your prize at the end. 
I suppose I should tell you a little of what you might find


2) Things that excite me enough to write about them and share them with you.

3) This spacious place has no agenda and no theme.

4) Some news perhaps. 

5) Monthly. Maybe. Mostly. 



6) Alive things. 

7) Possibly abundant things.            

8) They will almost always be comfortably unfinished or gloriously under-baked and sometimes creative, happening, timely, cultural, wild, over grown and new things.

“But – Sarah perhaps your posts here should be about what you’re doing, where you are, what you're up to and going?”

8) Maybe that sometimes too.

9) Let’s see.

10) But you’re invited.

11) This feels good guys.

12) Occasionally you might find little parts of my soul every now and then, leaked in amongst the luxurious disguise of relevant thoughts, professional news, creative work, seasonal links, life, work, play, projects, journeys, stories, knowledge, makings, movements and discoveries. But I can't promise that.  

13) and some other unexpected fruit. That I can.

14) Things I’m up to, down to, in, under and with.

Things I care about.
Things you might not.
Things that change.
Things that live.
Changing lives.
Living rooms
Things and ways
Changing rooms?

Let’s not get carried away.
We've only just met. 

189) But I will use words.

We can also put some things in our pockets for later.
We can go far out and come up for air and be home before bed
and sometimes leave each other hanging.
Are you comfortable with that?
Maybe one for the road.
No reason or rhyme.
sometimes projects and sometimes prose.
and sometimes other people.
Who knows.

243) I can't make any promises relating to rhyme.


We might go deep.

(I hope we do). 

We might not.

(very true story). 

But we'll go slow. 
For now.
This is only our first date.

So hello and welcome.  
It’s so great to meet you.
I'm ready.
I look forward to getting to know you and sharing some adventures with you.
And maybe taking you on a few one day.
Maybe monthly.
I’d like that.


Come into land.

I'm making some things.

And this is now my blog.
I’ve got some things I’m excited to share with you.
At some point, I’ll write.
I promise.
For now.

We're alive. 

This is the start of something.
recklessly abandoned.

(And I also need to rapidly now choose a first photo for this "big impact" post number 1. Something in my "element" that makes a solid impression. I'm advised it should say "I've got a lot to say! Let me blow your minds. Please").

Could I even have a strong sign off?

What are you going to do about it?


and always 

One for the road

Turn it up. 

Here we go.  

Do join me.

See you soon.